Painting the picture...

Integrated marketing communications.

At Gravity we don't believe in "silos". No organisation chart should look like a tree or, worse, a row of individual plant pots. Good organisations that are flexible in response to change and new opportunities are a matrix of connections that cross internal boundaries, so as to maximise the opportunities presented from within their own resources.

When we work with organisations we seek to stimulate that process and to reflect it in the face that your business presents to the world. That's why we never talk about "just PR" or "just marketing" or "just advertising". The most effective campaigns are a clever fusion of communications via a variety of complementary channels, all focussed on an easily understood "call to action".

Some of our most successful work has been in the delivery of integrated campaigns for fascinating destinations – a fact recognised when the CIPR awarded us a Gold for our work in putting Shetland firmly on the visitor map. We always promise clients a minimum return on investment of 10:1 for the PR elements of our campaigns, though we usually deliver many times that figure. In our Shetland campaign we secured priceless live Sky TV coverage of the arrival of the first direct air service from London.

Complement this with an eye-catching  campaign on the London Underground, a viral game, mailshots and other smart ideas, and you'll understand how we got the world talking about the UK's most northerly islands.

Another big success story was our long association with Luxair: in a time of immense change at this small state airline we were the one constant, helping Luxair to turn the tables on its opposition at London City Airport, delivering a majority share of an increased market as we told the story of "Europe's great undiscovered little city break".

Successes like these made Gravity the natural choice of full-service communcations agency to work with Durham City Vision, a complex public-private partnership charged with helping the World Heritage city of Durham to realise its economic potential. We were proud to be part of a sensitive five-year project that has seen new life breathed into the old city,  reinvigorating public spaces and launching a major programme of public events which now boasts the amazing Lumière light festival as its cornerstone.

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