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Shetland Isles.

The UK's most northerly archipelago comprises 16 in habited islands, from Fair Isle in the south, to Unst, in the north. The islands are home to about 23,000 people, who enjoy a good quality of life, thanks in no small measure to the islands' levy on oil processed thorugh the huge Sullom Voe terminal. Shetland, alogn with Orkney, remains a land of Norse tradition in a country in which Galic culture is increasingly to the fore. The old Norse tongue, Norn – once spoken in Shetland,Orkney and Caithness – died out 200 years ago.

What we do.

Gravity worked on the promotion of the Shetland destination for three years, from 2006 to 2008, after Atlantic Airways launched services from London – the first direct air link between the islands and the UK capital. These were relatively big budget destination campaigns, thanks to a significant marketing kitty supported by the Shetland Charitable Trust, which manages oil revenues in the community interest.

Gravity, workign closely with VisitShetland, was hugely successful in generating traffic on the new route, thanks to a dynamic integrated campaign that earned the company a Gold Award from the CIPR. Although passenger numbers grew steadily year-on-year, the route fell victim to soaring oil prices and grave economic uncertainty as the fiancial crash struck in summer 2008.

A major PR was a live Sky TV broadcast that played throughout the day on Sky News, featuring the departure of the first flight to London.

More recently Gravity has worked in partnership with VisitShetland's successor body, PromoteShetland, to promote the islands' eocnomic offer in the energy sector.


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