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Lockpoint is a very special company, combining highly innovative British design with the very best of British manufacturing – and all sourced within 20 miles of the company's base in North Shields, near Newcastle. Lockpoint supplies specially designed products for the security of the banking, cash-in-transit and high-value goods sectors.

Indeed, you could say that Lockpoint's name is legendary in security circles: after all, its key products, the Lockpoint Gryphon and Lockpoint Wyvern are named after mythical beasts! The Lockpoint Gryphon is an intelligent security system developed to protect ATMs from armed robbery. It comprises of a set of four electronically locking doors that sit inside the ATM, protecting the four cassettes that contain bank notes. Its smart locking system is designed to ensure that no more than one of the four doors, which together make up a "wall of steel", can be open at the same time. And, once closed, no door can be reopened for an hour. The Lockpoint Gryphon is also highly resistant to even the most determined attempt to force an entry: its multi-layed steel doors, created by Gateshead-based Responsive Engineering, resist attack by grinder, drill, oxy-acetylene torch and even explosives. Small wonder, then, that since Tesco Bank fitted Gryphon to the majority of its ATM machines across the UK, losses through theft have plummeted from a six-figure annual sum to just a few tens of thousands of pounds. Well, if you were an armed robber why would you bother?

The Lockpoint Wyvern is specially-developed "panic lock" that can be activated remotely by staff, using an encrypted wireless "key fob", in response to a perceived attack threat.

What we do.

Gravity was delighted to be brought on board at Lockpoint in 2012 after Chief Executive Bill Price got in touch with Gravity's Stan Abbott. Once again, it was those business relationships at work: Stan was in charge of communications at Gill Airways when Bill was called in by investors after a so-called Bimbo (buy-in management buy-out) began to turn sour. The pair worked together again when Bill was brought in to turn round Gateshead-based engineering company and defence equipment supplier, Joyce Loebl, which had embarked on a "swords-to-ploushares" transformation.

At Lockpoint, Stan has masterminded a rebranding of the business, overseeing its repositioning as a market leader in security, as well as devising an export strategy to help the company address the issues of cyclical demand inherent in the sector.

Gravity's strategic partners in the rebranding exercise have been Newcastle-based branding consultancy, Violet Bick, and its sister design agency, onebestway.

Prior to Bill Price's arrival at Lockpoint, the company had some great ideas but hadn't brought a product to market. Gravity is very proud to playing a critical role in the transformation of the business into a well-respected pillar of the security community.


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