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Faroe Islands.

The Faroe Islands rise majestically from the mists of the wild North Atlantic, mid-way between Scotland and Iceland. Such is their authentic drama and beauty that experts at National Geographic Traveler voted them the world's favourite unspoiled island destiantino a few years ago. The 49,000 islanders are a fiercely independent people, who can trace their male genetic line to the Vikings, while their female side is Celtic. The islands have immense potential as a destination for those who love the great outdoors and joy walking and adventure – and for anyone interested in discovering a culture that retains elements not just of a Viking past, but other influences in its tumultuous early history. The Faroese Government has sometimes faltered in seeking to take advantage of the the 18 islands' tremendous tourism assets and the opportunities afforded by the National Geogrpahic verdict, but now it's full steam ahead, with a new and highly experienced face at the top of Visit Faroe Islands, a new brand and new financial commitment. The Afoe Islands are a self-governing territory of the Kingdom of Denmark.

What we do.

Visit Faroe Islands is, of course, a natural partner for Gravity in our work for the national carrier, Atlantic Airways and our relationship extends back almost as far as the one with the airline itself. We have, over the years, executed a number of specific projects for the tourism team. For example, we delivered a PR campaign in Ireland, taking advantage of a Eruopean football fixture between the two countries, creating enduring mutual friendships that continue to give pleasure.


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