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Eastern Airways.

Eastern Airways is one of Gravity's longest-standing clients. We launched the airline's first in-flight magazine – e-magazine – way back in 2002, when Eastern Airways operated just a handful of 19-seater aircraft to destinations including Aberdeen, Newcastle and its base at Humberside Airport, Lincolnshire. The work that we do for Eastern Airways has grown as the airline itself has expanded, to become one of the largest independent airlines in the UK. Eastern operates business-orientated flights to about 20 destinations in the UK, France and Norway, with a particular focus on meeting the needs of the offshore oil and gas industry. Its fleet of 30 modern jet and prop-jet aircraft is also available for charter throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

What we do.

More than 11 years since the launch of e-magazine, we're now approaching a half-century of issues of this award-winning publication, which now has a print run of 10,000 and a readership estimated at 50,000. Rebranded simply as Eastern Airways Magazine and appearing as 52-page magazine plus 16 to 32-page supplement, this one's a bit of a head-turner. People frequently tell us it's the best in-flight magazine they've seen and who are we to argue? Because about 50 per cent of Eastern Airways passengers have business in offshore oil and gas, we are the outlet of choice for companies seeking to promote services in and to that sector, and we now produce a minimum of two specialist supplements annually, devoted exclusively to coverage of issues in oil and gas, and energy generally. These supplements are also circulated as free-standing publications by partners including the industry body, NOF Energy.

In addition to Eastern Airways Magazine, Gravity also produces 3,500 copies of a French language version of the magazine for distribution on the airline's network of flights from Dijon-Bourgogne Airport, in eastern France. This network currently offers services from Dijon to Toulouse and Bordeaux. Gravity also publishes Eastern Express, a twice-yearly newsletter for UK travel agents, and occasional special publications, such as the airline's bespoke charter brochure, produced in English, French and Spanish.


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