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Everyone wants to offer you "solutions" these days, but at Gravity we won't waste your time with solutions: we only deal in undiluted good advice. Our favourite and most long-standing clients have been enjoying that good advice for years now and such time-tested relationships speak volumes.

In a world in which change sometimes seems to happen for change's sake, Gravity is not just a force for good, it's rock solid and steady. We like our clients because they are run by talented, interesting people and they do interesting things. They like us because we have great ideas and come up with innovative methods to promote their destinations, services or products. Or to support them with strategic business development consultancy. Above all though, they like us because we add value to their bottom line.

Our objective is to help our clients to perform better and to get them noticed. Our expertise is in developing key marketing and PR messages and ensuring that all the organisation's communications are in tune. Because our breadth of experience extends across the whole business development spectrum, with Gravity you know that corporate communications flow from the very heart of your organisation.

Just imagine... team up with Gravity today and in time you too could become part of the Gravity Hall of Fame!

Stan Abbott - Chief Executive.

Stan is widely respected in the world of tourism promotion and the airline industry, as well as on the "business circuit" in his native North East England. He knows it makes him sound older than he'd prefer, but he does boast approaching a quarter-century of experience in public relations and marketing and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, the Tourism Society and its specialist consultants’ group, as well as the Airline PROs Organisation, and the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild.
A graduate of Leeds University in French and Management Studies and a professionally trained journalist, Stan worked for ten years as an award-winning writer and sub-editor on regional and national newspapers in the UK, before setting up his own business.
From 1998, Stan was Head of Marketing at Newcastle-based regional airline Gill Airways, with specific additional responsibility for managing the airline’s relationship with its key partner, Air France, as well as for developing strategic relationships with other overseas airlines. He also received a CIPR award for crisis management for his work at the airline.
In this role, Stan masterminded the airline’s naming as North East Company of the Year and developed his acumen for the smooth management of often complex partnerships, a skill that has served him well since then in multi-partner destination promotion in Shetland, Luxembourg, Norway and the Faroe Islands.
Stan’s contacts throughout regional and national media are second to none and he is extremely well networked regionally, nationally and internationally. He is fluent in French, has some spoken German and has wide experience of working across Europe and North America. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he's a bit of whizz in exporting and is an accredited Virtual Export Manager with UK Trade & Investment, having worked with several score SMEs on the development of their export communications and cultural strategies.

Linda Tuttiett – Director

Linda is the company's tourism and heritage expert, and has extensive knowledge about and experience in achieving a win-win relationship between culture and heritage and synmpathetic economic development, including tourism. She boasts ten years’ experience of leading  successful capital and project development worth in excess of £20 million, specific to the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site corridor. She is a strategic development professional with strong analytical and business planning and development skills.

In addition Linda has more than 20 years’ project management and development experience in domestic and international destination marketing, working for VisitBritain in several overseas markets to promote Britain’s leading cultural and historic attractions, including English Heritage and National Trust, British Waterways, Madame Tussaud's, Historic Scotland and Cadw. Her understanding and knowledge is based on many years of leading qualitative and quantitative research projects analysing customer motivations.

Prior to to taking the reins at Hadrian's Wall, Linda was Director, External Relations at Arts Council England North East, developing investment in the arts and creative industries through building partnerships with various funding agencies. In this role she was responsible for the grant funding of More than £22 million a year to 90 cultural venues and organisations through analysis and business support, advising on improving their organisational sustainability.

Liz Reekie - Head of Sales.

Liz has enjoyed a long and fruitful career in selling advertising for both consumer and B2B magazines. This has included spells with Cameron Publishing, Newcastle, and Archant, as sales agent for North East Life. Since joining the Gravity team, she's revolutionised sales for our flagship publication, Eastern Airways Magazine. When she's not busy working for us, she also assists our hotel industry colleagues at The Tourism Business, in York, as well as Hadrian's Wall Heritage. And, of course, she's rarely happier than on horseback! Yee haa!

Barbara Allen - Head of Design.

Stan and Barbara first worked together at the ground-breaking Leading Edge Press & Publishing, created by Stan back in the early 80s. It is a mark of the respect and esteem in which Barbara is held at Gravity that she's still our Head of Design 25 years later. Barbara previously worked in the specialist trade media in London and, these days she designs all Gravity's regular publications for Eastern Airways Magazine, as well as brochures and other materials for clients including Atlantic Airways and Lockpoint.

Her work has been recognised by the Association of Communicators in Business (for Catch magazine, for the Environment Agency) and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (for Eastern Airways Magazine).

Dan Kirkby - broadcast media consultant.

Dan is our man in London and he handles media relations issues, particularly in broadcasting, from his offices there and in leafy Sussex. He began his career as a journalist in 1980, with the Evening Chronicle, Newcastle, before moving to Tyne Tees Television as Publicist, in 1982. At Tyne Tees he was responsible for promoting the pioneering rock and pop programme The Tube before working on Live Aid for the BBC.

His broadcasting connections are impressive, having represented Channel 4, GMTV, ITV Network, BBC Radio 1 and numerous television productions. His flair for news creation has been put to good use by organisations as diverse as Andrew Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Group, Lloyds Bank, Eurostar, and Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando.

He has worked for many years promoting the New Year’s Day Parade London, flagship event of Destination Events, in both the UK and the USA, ensuring its transformation from a modest and relatively obscure event into one of the UK’s largest free festivals.

Stan and Dan have worked together on many projects and have scored major media successes, including flagship events, like the Radio Luxembourg 2008 DJs Reunion and the televised launch of the first direct air link from London to Shetland.

Stan values Dan's partnership the most for his tenancity: Dan is not one to give up until he has seen his client's story achieve the coverage that he believes it deserves.

Other associates.

Gravity's intellectual property as a business includes our portfolio of tried and trusted suppliers, many of whom have worked for us throughout the company's history. Where we can not supply a specific service or product from within our own employed resources, we will draw from this pool of accredited and highly trusted individuals and companies. Being introduced by Gravity is, of itself, an excellent accolade: we only work with the best. Our accredited list of partners and associates extends across many disciplines and many countries: we have trusted associates in North America, many European countries, South Africa, and Australia. Within the UK and the Republic of Ireland, our wide network ensures we can make the right skills and competencies available at any location.

In addition, Stan Abbott is a member of the "virtual PR agency",